Flowering Gifts for Mother`s Day

On Apr 21, 2015

With Mother`s Day rapidly approaching, it`s time to consider gift giving. Mothers everywhere love to get flowers and plants they can nurture and keep all season long so why not give a flowering gift to your beloved Mother on her special day? It will mean even more to her if you actually plant the flowers in a decorative pot or basket. Plant liners are vital to the health and welfare of your plants and will ensure the flowers stay beautiful all summer long so choosing the appropriate material is important. Plastic traps moisture, not allowing the plants to fully drain leading to root rot where as, burlap liners are biodegradable, working like an “oversized coffee filter”, keeping soil in while allowing water to slowly seep out. Because flowers in planters typically get more abuse and are more susceptible to weeds and pests than garden bed flowers, it is important to use plant liners, such as burlap, that are strong and durable. Taking these precautions will ensure your Mother`s Day flowers will delight her for months to come. Columbia Burlap has all of your tree nursery supplies including burlap liners, call us today!