Protecting Trees During Winter Months

On Jan 09, 2015

With Kansas City wind chills often falling below zero during the winter months, it is necessary to take steps in the Fall to protect your young trees. Columbia Burlap & Bag Co. manufactures many tree nursery supplies including tree trunk protectors. During extreme cold, snow and ice young trees can experience irreparable damage. The cold nights and sunny days coupled with wind gusts can cause their roots to freeze and then thaw injuring their young root systems. Thin barked trees are highly susceptible to sun scald causing the bark to split. Wrapping the trunk with burlap tree trunk protectors after the leaves have fallen but before winter sets in will keep the trunk at a more constant temperature and protect it from sun scald. The root system can be protected by adding mulch around the base of the tree. Taking these steps will not only protect the tree from extreme weather but will also deter woodpeckers from further destruction of the trunk. In the Spring, deteriorating trees are much more likely to suffer disease and harm from insects. Consulting your local nursery and purchasing burlap tree trunk protectors is an excellent way to protect your trees so they remain healthy and continue to compliment your homes landscaping design.