About Us

Founded in 1950 and headquartered in Kansas City, MO, Columbia Burlap & Bag Co. (CBBC) has provided packaging solutions for the region and nation for over sixty years.  CBBC specializes in a variety of bags (woven polypropylene, polyethylene, paper, FIBC, and burlap), packaging solutions, and supplies.  We build on our experience of product excellence, technology, and innovation to provide our customers with high quality products and value-added service.

Columbia Burlap & Bag Co. stocks a full line of burlap bags, rolls, sheets and other burlap products.  We also offer custom and in-stock woven polypropylene bags, multiwall paper bags, FIBC (Bulk Bags), and sand bags.  We also carry a full line of packaging supplies to satisfy your needs in a one-stop, convenient manner.  Additionally, our Nursery Supply Division includes a complete line of wire baskets for the tree growing industry – manufactured in our North Kansas City facility.  We also stock twine, pinning nails, tree trunk protectors, and shade cloth.  Our Nursery Supply Division serves tree grower, custom tree diggers, nurseries, garden centers, and landscape companies. 


With offices in Kansas City, MO and Dallas, TX, we look forward to serving your packaging needs.  Our commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.